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 "When we loosen the grip of negative emotions,
emotions such as contentment, happiness, and joy
begin to permeate our experience of life."

-- John Harvey, Ph.D.
author of Total Relaxation:
Healing Practices for Body, Mind & Spirit
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Close all applications, before running this software.
Other important installation instructions below.
My 1.4 MB download is tested spyware free by
Software can also be used for relief to safely and quickly augment or reverse the effects of I-Dose.
If you already have DosBOX software installed on your computer, you must first uninstall it.
Windows Vista and later may require that you reinstall my software, within recommended settings of compatibility mode.
Read precautions before using above software.
Alternative Dreamachine AVS tool available online HERE.
Neuro Programmer 3 - AVS trialware available HERE.
During installation, you MUST change the destination to:

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Click HERE for some of the research supporting
the therapeutic efficacy of Light & Sound Machine technology.
The above PDF file is hosted by and written by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D.

This "one-of-a-kind," FREE software is a no-cost/high-tech solution for effortless relaxation! It creates hypnotic pulses that adjust for various CPU speeds, producing a consistent flashrate on one's computer monitor, in order to experience the purported relaxing phenomenon of "brainwave entrainment" through "audio-visual-stimulation" (AVS). AVS is a type of neurotherapy. As presented here, the experience is loosely similar to the relaxing effect of staring into the flickering of the flame of a fireplace, but much more profound. This fully-functional  program does NOT rely upon "binaural beats." It can even be used as a very effective complement to most audio hypnosis recordings. Please note that this software is based upon an outdated shareware program, "Flasher 1.51." In 2006, the old software was given new life, by an American computer programmer with whom I had consulted. My above batch download file now allows "Flasher 1.51" to function within the modern Windows environment. Although the appearance of the old interface may look awkward, for most people, the program does produce its desired effect, similar to expensive, commercial Light & Sound Machine goggles. Additionally, please disregard the software's initial startup tones.


CAUTION: Although the potential risk is approximately equivalent to that of playing a video game, you must not use "Flasher 1.51" if you or a family member has ever suffered from epilepsy or other neurological problems.
Use at your own risk.
Statements made about these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Site is for informational purposes only.



Help me promote my websites. You may freely distribute my install software,
as long as it is distributed without charge and not altered in any manner.
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Installation Instructions:                                                                                                                                                               

1. Run install.exe (Requires Windows 2000 or greater).

2. When the DOSBox install dialog comes up,
    change the destination to

  • Close all Windows programs and double-click the DOSBox icon from your desktop.
  • Disregard the software’s initial startup tones.
  • For relaxation (similar to a hypnotic state), enter these three settings: 
     4 (flashrate) -- Y (color) -- A (pattern)
  • Watch the screen for a few moments and then  CLOSE YOUR EYES. Experience the relaxing effects of "Flasher 1.51", sensed through your closed eyelids, for at least five minutes.
  • For best effect, dim room lights and ensure that you have privacy and quiet.
    Try using, with or without relaxing music or a hypnotic audio program. Professional hypnosis MP3 audio downloads can be instantly and affordably downloaded from

3. Press F8 and type "exit" to finish.

If program fails to initialize, try deactivating some of the programs running in your computer's system tray. If computer's desktop icons do not automatically re-size, after exiting your program, simply re-start computer and follow the balloon prompts to automatically restore your icon settings. Or, you can run a Windows "system restore," by "cuting and pasting" this link to your browser: C:\WINDOWS\system32\restore\rstrui.exe

If the software does not initially install properly, you MUST first delete DOSBox, before attempting a re-install. Please carefully re-read all the simple installation instructions. You can delete DOSBox by double-clicking your C-drive, from "My Computer."  Find and delete the entire "DOSBox" folder.



BrotherSoft gave my "Virtual Light and Sound Machine Install" software a "...maximum 5 out of 5 Rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs..."



What is a Light & Sound Machine? 
Where can I purchase an actual Light & Sound Machine?

FREE Brainwave
Entrainment eBook
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Templehof Publishers' Flasher 1.51 helps users experience deep states of relaxation, based upon the phenomenon associated with audio-visual stimulation. Since Flasher 1.51 is a 1990 DOS-based program, it is not compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. My original freeware program hosts copies of DOSBox and Flasher 1.51. It is designed to simplify the installation process for DOSBox and Flasher 1.51 in order for it to work on Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. DOSBox is open source software copyrighted by Free Software Foundation, Inc. Flasher 1.51 is shareware that is distributed by Templehof Publishing. Templehof's shareware comes with a registration for non-commercial use costing $10 and payable to: Templehof Publishing; 2619 Market Garden; Austin, TX 78745. is not affiliated with Templehof Publishing or Free Software Foundation, Inc.

You must not use Flasher 1.51 if you or a family member has ever suffered from epilepsy or other neurological problems. Use at your own risk. Although most people enjoy positive results within their first few minutes of being exposed to the effects of a Light & Sound Machine, some people may not experience the positive effects, or may need to try the program several times, in order to achieve desired effect. One should immediately discontinue use, if one experiences any discomfort. Statements made about these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Site is for informational purposes only. For complete disclaimers, instructions and FREE audio hypnosis downloads, click HERE.



Try playing a relaxing CD (or a FREE hypnosis audio download from my site:, while using Flasher.

A free .EXE version of my Ebook, which offers CUSTOMIZED BRANDING, will soon be made available. Other Ebooks, my personal hypnotic audio / script programs, and a low-cost, paperback version of my Ebook will also soon be made available.


What else can I do with my Light & Sound Machine?

You might also want to try "Wave Form." (a unique sound matrix which uses the principles of the perfect harmonic fifth to instill a soothing "brain massage")  or Brain Sync (a FREE 7-minute binaural beats audio sample).  Although sound is a good complement to Flasher 1.51, the more pronounced effect from the "Light & Sound" machine appears to be mostly from the pulsating effect of the light itself.

A FREE 30 second audio sample of "Wave Form I" can be found
Both audio clips require
Windows Media Player.
It is best if you use a headset for binaural beats.
You can order
HERE from Brain Sync.

"The Zapper," created by Dick Sutphen, is an audio program, available as an instant MP3 download, that uses Theta Waves and a pulse to induce a deep altered state of consciousness. It purportedly "knocked out" over 500 professional hypnotists at the American Board of Hypnotherapy convention.

For additional detailed information on "mind machines", download the
FREE pdf file from

For additional information on biofeedback click here:

Another informative FREE pdf download is hosted by

You can also purchase a low cost INSTANT DOWNLOAD of Michael Landgraf's Ebook,
Mind States - An Introduction to Light and Sound Technology.

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