Psychologist Gerald A. Solfanelli

Indicators of success:

According to a 2004 study sited within The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis:

21 patients received individualized hypnosis for smoking cessation over three sessions. 81% reported they had stopped smoking completely and 48% reported abstinence for at least 12 months post-treatment. 95% of patients were satisfied with the treatment they received.

According to an American Journal of Psychiatry article, the best indicators of future success with hypnosis for smoking cessation are at least a prior successful attempt to have quit for thirty days or more, and one's current level of motivation to be smoke free.

According to a 2001 clinical study, "the current trend in treatment (of nicotine dependence) appears to be overly preoccupied with medical interventions."


In light of the above and this author's clinical experience, it is recommended that the BEST treatment for nicotine dependence is...



    • Review the information gleaned from one's reading of this Ebook and other
      helpful readings.


    • Reinforce one's hypnosis session(s) with use of follow-up smoking cessation
      self-hypnosis audio tapes
      , at home. In lieu of individual hypnosis sessions and nicotine replacement therapy, many can still achieve success with self-hypnosis alone.




    Although sole "will-power" is considered the most common approach in attempting to quit, it is also clearly considered one of the least successful approaches (averaging a six month quit rate of less than a 6%). The chance for eventual success, however, does dramatically increase, if the quitter is motivated to make enough successive "cold-turkey" attempts. Most average seven attemps, over a fairly lengthy period of time, before succeeding.

    Please note that significant concerns do exist regarding the questionable use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), especially among those who had previously failed in their initial attempt to quit using the nicotine patch. NRT averages about $3.00 per day; and requires an average of four weeks to complete the therapy. NRT's average success rate range is about 7 - 30% (with 25% being the most frequent success rate).

    Please also note that although there has often existed some inquiry regarding the true effectiveness of hypnosis for smoking cessation, it is a proven, very effective approach for the motivated quitter. The effectiveness of hypnosis can vary with the ability of the hypnotist to induce a proper trance state; the type of post-hypnotic suggestion offered; compliance with adjunct treatment recommendations; definition of "success"; and the motivation / receptiveness of the quitter. Hypnosis' average success rate range is 6% - 50+% (with 30% being the most frequent success rate). See what the American Psychological Association says about hypnosis.

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