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Gerald A. Solfanelli, M.S.
Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist
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Quincy / Clay Professional Complex
Dunmore Office Phone:
(570)343-6838 (email)
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EMDR: a documentary film
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As an educator,  Jason's passion for teaching helped him to draw courage to volunteer his heartfelt
story of grief so that others can be helped to understand the potential benefits of EMDR.
Video clip of my former patient is courtesy of director Michael Burns.
Film's homepage can be found HERE.
CLICK for trailer of EMDR: a documentary film (2011).
More info on EMDR.

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"Sixty to ninety percent of physician visits are stress related."

 -- Herbert Benson, MD, Harvard Medical School (1997)


"Mental health is fundamental to a person’s overall health,

indispensable to personal well-being and instrumental

to leading a balanced and productive life."
-- Dr. David Satcher, U.S. Surgeon General (1999)

"Physical and mental health are inextricably linked,
as in the case with heart health and stress."

-- Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland
Former Director-General of the UN World Health Organization (2001)


A Scranton native, Gerald Solfanelli attended the University of Scranton, prior to completing his graduate work in Counseling Psychology from Baltimore's Loyola College. With over 17 years of clinical experience, Solfanelli, former Director of the Keystone College Counseling Center (LaPlume, PA), is a licensed psychologist in full-time private practice, within his Dunmore office in the Quincy / Clay Professional Complex. Locally, he had also been on staff with the Scranton Counseling Center and Allied Services Medical Rehabilitation Hospital.

Solfanelli is a past president of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Psychological Association. He has been known to offer his professional opinion in a number of local interviews, including WVIA-TV's "Call the Doctor", WYOU-TV news, WSWB-TV's "For the Community", WARM-AM, WNEP-TV, and local newspaper opinion articles.

As a speaker for PESI, Solfanelli also provides national continuing education seminars for mental health and educational professionals. Solfanelli is currently completing his doctoral degree in psychology.

He resides locally with his wife and son.


Therapy works by helping you look objectively at your behaviors, feelings and thoughts in situations that you find problematic. It helps you to learn more effective ways to cope. You and your psychologist identify your goals -- what you want to have happen, and how you will know when you're making progress.

Solfanelli employs an "eclectic", short-term psychotherapy, which relies mainly upon a Cognitive / Behavioral Therapy and support counseling approach. He is also proud to be the first local psychologist to become an EMDR-Level II practitioner. Solfanelli gained his EMDR training in Philadelphia, under the direction of Dr. Francine Shapiro, EMDR.'s originator. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is proven to be uniquely effective in helping most people to resolve disturbing memories. The U.S. Department of Defense/Department of Veterans Affairs Practice Guidelines have even placed EMDR. in its highest category, recommended for all trauma populations, at all times.

Solfanelli works with adults (ages 18 - 65) in individual counseling sessions to address a wide variety of concerns, including: stress, depression, clinical anxiety, relationship issues, grief, PTSD, and limited psychological testing.

As a certified hypnotherapist and member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Solfanelli also offers HYPNOSIS FOR SMOKING CESSATION, weight loss, stress management, and other clinically indicated applications.


The standard fee-for service is generally covered by most healthcare insurance. Solfanelli is a participating provider with most major insurance plans. Click HERE for additional information.

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